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Hello there, my name is Paul Anzel! I’m a Data Scientist currently employed with H-E-B, building product recommendation systems and handling general data-science dev-ops work. Before that, I worked at Metromile, where I use telematics data to detect vehicle crashes and evaluate potential insurance fraud, and Wiser, doing price-demand estimation.

I did doctoral research (left ABD) in Applied Physics at Caltech with Chiara Daraio where I worked on developing a new type of acoustic imaging system for non-destructive evaluation. During my graduate research I received a NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship and a M.S. in Applied Physics. I have a B.S. and B.A. in Chemical Physics and Mathematics (respectively) from Rice University.

Outside of work I spend much of my time advocating for building housing. I now volunteer with San Antonio Neighbors For Everyone, and before that helped out with East Bay For Everyone. I am an instructor with Software Carpentry. I managed Caltech’s bicycle repair cooperative for three years, play accordion and piano, and have started getting into ham radio.

I live with my lovely wife Rose, infant son Isaac, and fussy cat Coltrane.

Some projects

Statistics Study Group Notes

During my time at Wiser, I started a journal club to go over some techniques I wanted to learn more about, and to teach some of the other analysts some basic techniques (e.g. what a Fourier transform is). Upon moving to Metromile, I was pleased to see that they had an active study group there. Here is a collection of iPython notebooks where I go through implementing various algorithms myself and demonstrate their use.

Some ones I’m particularly proud of:

The Science(?) of Documentation, WriteTheDocs 2017

Inspired by Greg Wilson’s commentary that the state of software-development research is thin and poorly distributed on the ground, I did some investigation on my own looking into what research there is regarding software documentation. Long-story-short, there’s precious little. I attended the WTD conference to see if I could find any more, and ended up giving a lightning talk about how little we know and how to assess relevant scientific evidence.

Beer analysis

I had some friends in grad school with whom I’d grab a Friday afternoon beer, and eventually I started rating the different beers we’d try. Many years and beers later, I’ve learned some interesting things about the beers I like.

A Moveable Feast Kinetic Sculpture

An eight-person pedal-powered dining table. Project led by Daniel Busby, I provided many bicycle parts, ergonomic advice, and plenty of drilling and grinding.

Domestic Violence Program mapping

Mapping and basic analysis of domestic violence programs in the Los Angeles area completed on request of a colleague.